Army Green Canvas Mask + KN95 Filter BOOSTER
Army Green Canvas Mask + KN95 Filter BOOSTER
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Army Green Canvas Mask + KN95 Filter BOOSTER

Army Green Canvas Mask + KN95 Filter BOOSTER

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A lightweight, breathable canvas, this face mask features a fabric pocket on the interior + removable second layer (see details below) called Le Masq BOOSTER.

The Basics

  • Outer mask is washable and reusable
  • Our 2-in-1 BOOSTER inner mask can be used with other masks you have
  • Get the right fit with adjustable ear toggles.
  • Encased wire in nose bridge molds to your face shape
  • Convenient inner pocket for inserts

Order with confidence

  • Ships from our Ohio warehouse
  • Designed by a Harvard grad and New Yorker
  • Dedicated customer service team and return policy

What is a Le Masq BOOSTER?

Think of it like two fabric masks in one, except with one being Elon Musk (the high flying, far more innovative BOOSTER) and the other being Conan the Barbarian (the tough and trustworthy outer mask). 

Why set it up this way?

Some workplaces and other businesses require double layer masks for their workers.

Other people are particularly conscientiousness during this time of heightened awareness.

    What's the idea behind BOOSTER?

    We wanted wanted both flexibility and comfort. We dreamt up the BOOSTER by:

    1. Refashioning non-conventional materials from high end performance wear
    2. Pairing it our outer mask made from tried-and-true household fabrics
    3. Making it a removable so you can have the best of both worlds. (Plus, you can get extras for your other masks!)

    What's BOOSTER made of?

    We're glad you asked! 

    • This inner mask is made from fabric in the same family as GORE-TEX, used in expensive outdoors adventure gear.

    We think you'll love its features and benefits! 

    Meet the MASQ-95: A Cloth Mask with Actual Protection.

    N95 grade filter. 2 cloth layers.

    Two cloth layers. A filter pocket. And the only N95 grade filter designed for cloth masks.

    Sleek, adjustable design.

    Fully adjustable ear loops to fit every head.

    Universal Mask suspender Included.

    Get an extra accessory that will work for any mask.

    Moldable nose bridge

    Keep it close to the nose with our encase nose bridge.

    Your MASQ-95 Booster:
    Lab Tested N95 Grade Filter

    Filters over 95% of airborne particles.
    Removable, replaceable, essential.

    Buy the MASQ-95 now

    True Protection and Comfort.

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    We set out to develop a mask with all the comfort and flexibility of a cloth mask with the scientific rigor of a serious product.

    Our lab tested E-PTFE filter bonded with nonwoven layers filters over 95% of airborne particles. 

    It's like the best parts of an N95 and a cloth mask in one package. 

    Produced in a BSCI certified factory and lab tested to meet the 95% filtration standards required of any typical N95 mask.

    Filter is removable and replaceable.

    Protective. Versatile. Adjustable.

    This is a mask made for you.

    By wearing a mask, you protect others around you. Let's #wearamask.

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    The Story Behind MASQ-95

    I live in the heart of Manhattan.

    Back in March, I first thought this whole pandemic would blow over. As the weeks went by, I realized I was wrong.

    I heard sirens in the streets nonstop. My friends were doctors and nurses, working double shifts and texting me updates.

    I felt helpless. For two weeks I barely slept. I tried my best to help by importing protective equipment since I work in e-commerce.

    I got calls from everywhere, asking for supplies.

    But you know what terrified me even more?

    Just how hard it was for normal people to get masks. Or even just to wear them.

    I was furious at the initial recommendations not to wear them. I felt betrayed since I had never seen the truth so clearly.

    I’m just one person. I can’t save the world.

    But I knew I could do one thing: make quality products for regular people.

    People like my friends. My grandma recovering from breast cancer.

    The mother with two small children shopping for groceries.

    The man from West Virginia I talked to who cried as he talked about his janitorial staff he wanted to protect.

    And I knew from years of designing products for consumers that care about so much more than just utility.

    They want to feel comfortable. They want to feel attractive. They want to feel protected.

    And they want to do their part, however small, however symbolic, in fighting against something that affects us all.

    And you know what I’ve realized over the years?

    That beauty and comfort are not superficial.

    They give dignity.

    Beauty shows that in the face of terror and uncertainty, we have the strength within us to carry on.

    It gives us a little piece of sanity and joy in the midst of tragedy.

    That’s what this product I’ve made represents to me.

    But what is beauty with the brains to back it up?

    I knew that a mask can do so much more than just be a layer of cloth. 

    During one grocery trip, I wore an N95 with a cloth mask over it. It sparked the idea of creating a cloth mask with a high grade filter inside. 

    I worked with an established factory and created a novel filter that is lab tested to filter over 95% of airborne particles.

    It's called the MASQ-95 Booster.

    Because it's meant to boost what you're already doing. It's one piece of a bigger solution. 

    Because we’re all in this together. Now, more than ever, we must be kind. We must assume the best intentions of each other.

    So I ask that of you, for me.

    And I ask you, in turn, to extend that generosity outwards.

    Let's #wearamask and do our part to protect our communities. 

    The most comfortable, affordable, thick, soft mask out there. I have purchased masks three times now!

    Rhonda Fleming - Kansas

    The product was delivered very fast I’ve like the fact it’s so light and easy to breath

    Alon Peled - New York

    Masks were received in a super timely fashion and at a reasonable price. 

    Patricia Gledhill - New York

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