About Us

We're here to solve the issue of connecting healthcare workers and vulnerable citizens with protective masks.

There's plenty of factories in China producing hundreds of thousands of masks.

They're just not making it to the US because they're not a direct supplier for US companies. 

There's no way to ensure that masks to get to people that want them without putting matters into our own hands. 

You're one small link in the chain that can make a difference.

The 'broken supply chain' has gotten a lot of media attention. The truth is, large companies just aren't agile enough to suddenly switch their production and source new factories.

Existing Chinese factories are keeping their inventory for domestic use while cases outside the country are now spiking.

Here's what we're doing.

We're committed to doing the following to ensure you get the supplies you need:

  • Packaging them into consumer and retail ready units
  • Trucking to airport
  • Handling air freight
  • Arranging and paying for customs, duties, and tariffs
  • Warehousing once it reaches the US
  • Labor and materials to split up large shipments so it can arrive in your hands
  • Customer service staff to handle questions and shipping issues

We're offering them at a fair, sustainable price point that ensures people who need these are able to obtain them and offering bulk discounting.

Stay healthy and safe,

Team Health Bodyguard